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A year (year 9)

The Admission Year Curriculum

In the A Year the curriculum broadens for all students with the introduction of some new subjects which they will not have encountered in Years 7 & 8. The curriculum we offer to students is designed to enable each student to achieve to the very best of their ability and to prepare them for the demands of study in Key Stage 4.

The role of parents

At Freman College we believe that students achieve the greatest success when the college and parents work closely together. There is much that parents can do to support their child’s learning, such as:

  • Regularly talking to your child about what they are studying in lessons.
  • Looking at your child’s work, discussing it with them and giving praise and encouragement whenever possible.
  • Discussing with your child the marks and comments they receive for their work.
  • Making sure homework is being done and discussing homework with your child.
  • Contacting teachers if you have concerns about your child’s work.
  • Attending parents’ evenings and college events.
  • Ensuring that family holidays are not taken in term time.
  • Planning family outings and trips to museums, galleries and plays, which are linked to your child’s studies.

Please see the documents below for a greater insight into what your child is doing at college which will hopefully enable you to support them with even greater confidence.


Document Title
A year homework timetable 2023-24 Download
A year Curriculum booklet 2023-24 Download
A Year Information Evening Powerpoint Presentation 2023 Download
Key Stage Four Options booklet 2024 Download

Students are proud members of the college community and respond well to the high expectations set by leaders and other adults. They enjoy their life at the college and respect the adults whom they work with.

Ofsted, November 2015