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Code of conduct



In order to create the best possible conditions for learning, and for everyone at Freman College to reach their potential, all students are expected to:

  • Dress appropriately in line with the college uniform and dress code.
  • Arrive on time to all lessons and registrations.
  • Bring the correct equipment to each lesson.
  • Treat everyone with respect and speak to staff and other students in a polite and courteous manner.
  • Respect other people’s property, including college property and not do anything that might cause harm to it.
  • Keep all areas of the college site clear from litter, vandalism and graffiti.
  • Behave appropriately, for example: not running in corridors; not being noisy; not being offensive to other people.
  • Not do anything that prevents other students from learning. This means: listen in silence to the teacher and follow the instructions they give; stay seated unless given permission to move by the teacher and work quietly when requested to do so.
  • Take full advantage of every opportunity to learn and perform every task to the best of their ability, including homework tasks.
  • Take part in the wider college life and the extra-curricular activities on offer.
  • Celebrate their own achievement and the successes of others. Enjoy their time at Freman and help others to enjoy theirs.

The Freman College Code of Conduct was formed in consultation with the House Councils and the School Council (Reviewed Autumn 2019) and is designed to inform all students of the high level of effort, consideration and behaviour expected from them. It is not designed to restrict the individual, but to allow everyone to succeed.

Students’ behaviour is exemplary. They respect their staff and their peers. This makes for a mature and harmonious learning environment.

Ofsted, November 2015