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Hire of facilities

Freman College encourages use of its facilities outside of school use. These facilities include a 4 court sports hall with cricket nets / goals / basketball / badminton / volleyball facilities, the old gym, main hall with stage and lighting, outside spaces including tennis courts / netball courts and field as well as classroom spaces.

We try to keep our charges to a minimum to encourage use and currently charge £28 / hour (+ VAT if you are booking fewer than 10 weeks) for the hire of the gym and £40 / hour (+ VAT if you are booking fewer than 10 weeks) for the hire of the sports hall. These charges will be reviewed in April.

If you are interesting in hiring our facilities, please contact the college office on 01763 271818 or email finance@freman.org.uk

Terms & Conditions of Hire

The full terms and conditions of hire are detailed in the following document. It is important that these are read and understood. The person hiring must sign to say that they have read and understand their responsibilities, particularly with regards to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, and must nominate both a safeguarding lead (for hire involving children or vulnerable adults) and a fire marshal for the duration of their let.

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Freman College Terms and Conditions of Hire Download

Terms and Conditions of Hire


  1. Anyone using the college facilities without prior booking arrangements with the college is trespassing.
  2. The Hirer(s) shall
    • comply with all reasonable instructions and requests of the college
    • ensure that the part of the premises and any equipment used is left in a clean, tidy and orderly condition at the end of use;
    • refrain from any conduct which is unseemly or which might cause annoyance, offence or danger to other users of the premises. The college will not tolerate abuse to its staff or other customers. In the event of any of your party causing offense, that person will be asked to leave the premises and your booking may be cancelled without refund;
    • ensure all children under the age of 16 are fully supervised at all times by responsible adults;
    • park all vehicles, including bicycles and mopeds in the designated parking areas subject to availability. These are left at the owners’ risk. Under no circumstances is parking permitted on the emergency access route leading around the college from the swimming pool. Under no circumstances should any vehicle, including bicycles or mopeds be taken onto the college grounds beyond the designated parking areas. The designated parking areas are to the north of the site;
    • remove litter from the facility at the end of the hire session.
  3. The Hirer(s) shall not
    • sublet the facility
    • permit smoking in any part of the college. The college is a non-smoking site including the grounds
    • move furniture or equipment without prior permission
    • make use of apparatus or equipment without specific permission
    • leave the premises unattended throughout the duration of the letting. A named person will be expected to be on the college site at all times
    • use the facility for any purpose other than that specified on the booking form
    • bring on to the premises or consume any dangerous, obnoxious, illegal or alcoholic substances
    • bring any animals, except dogs supporting those with disabilities, into the college or its grounds
    • sell or supply to other users any goods of any description whatsoever without the college’s prior permission
    • put up any posters, flags, emblems or other interior decorations without the college’s prior permission


  1. All hirers must ensure suitable levels of supervision for children and young people at the CPSU recommended minimum ratios.
  2. Unaccompanied children:
    • Freman College has an expectation that children will be supervised within our facilities.
    • Supervision arrangements before or after any organised activities must be within the ratios listed above
    • Hirers must have access to the emergency contact details for all supervised children
    • Hirers must ensure that parents / carers know what is expected of them, including:
      • Details about leaving and collecting their children
      • Whether they need to remain with their children
      • Providing their emergency contact and their children’s medical details.
  3. Use of images. If a hirer intends to use a live stream of leisure activities for parents / carers, which is displayed in public areas OR take photographs they must:
    • Ensure all parents / carers or persons in the activity are aware
    • images are not recorded without explicit consent
    • Footage is shown without sound
    • Any cameras provide wide-angle, general views of the court
    • There are arrangements in place to respond to any concerns about anyone watching the stream whose behaviour gives cause for concern
  4. All clubs, groups and organisations must provide Freman College with a copy of their safeguarding policy prior to the commencement of the hire
  5. All hirers must ensure that those adults in charge of children and/or vulnerable adults have undergone an enhanced DBS check and have appropriate qualifications and experience relevant to their roles. DBS disclosure numbers and dates must be made available to the college on request.


  • The college may refuse the admission of any person without giving a reason for so doing and may similarly require any person to leave the premises.


  1. Details of fees and charges may be obtained from the college office.
  2. The college reserves the right to alter charges and availability of the facilities
  3. Any casual bookings must be paid for in full before using the facilities
  4. Invoices for regular bookings must be paid according to the terms stated on the invoice.


  • The college reserves the right to cancel bookings. When possible appropriate notice will be given.
  • In exceptional circumstances the college reserves the right to cancel a booking without prior notice; for example if a sports pitch is unfit for use or an area is required for external examinations.
  • A period of 7 full days’ notice in writing is required from the hirer to cancel any regular booking. For casual bookings at least 24 hours’ notice is required. If less notice is given, the college reserves the right to retain/charge up to 50% of the hire fee.
  • The hirer will observe all regulations applicable to any on-licence music, dancing and entertainment in operation at the college
  • If copyright work is to be performed, the hirer must obtain a licence from the owner of the copyright and submit a copy with the booking form. The hirer shall indemnify Freman College against any infringement of copyright occurring during the letting.


  • The hirer will observe all regulations applicable to any on-licence music, dancing and entertainment in operation at the college
  • If copyright work is to be performed, the hirer must obtain a licence from the owner of the copyright and submit a copy with the booking form. The hirer shall indemnify Freman College against any infringement of copyright occurring during the letting.


  • The hirer should ensure that all members of their party are fully aware of the college’s fire regulations and evacuation procedure. (Appendix 1). The hirer is required to nominate one of the contacts given on the application form to be Fire Marshall who will, in the event of an emergency, take full responsibility for their party.
  • Use of the facilities and any equipment provided is entirely at the hirer’s own risk and hirers must ensure full supervision is provided throughout the letting. Hirers are advised to check facilities and equipment before use and report any defects to a member of the college staff.
  • All electrical equipment brought onto the site by hirers must be PAT tested and within testing expiry date.
  • Clothing suitable for the activity undertaken must be worn at all times.
  • Outdoor training shoes and shoes that may damage the wooden floors are not permitted in the hall or gym.
  • Outdoor training shoes or shoes with marking soles are not permitted in the Sports Hall
  • Muddy footwear is not to be worn in any carpeted area of the college, including the Howard Carter Centre hall.
  • There is no legal requirement for the college to provide first aid facilities for the Hirer. It is the Hirer's responsibility to make their own arrangements, such as the provision of first aid training for supervising personnel, and the provision of a first aid kit, particularly in the case of sports lettings. Use of the college’s resources is not available
  • Freman College will not be held liable for any accident or injury arising due to the actions of customers using the facilities and the hirer shall indemnify Freman College against all actions, claims, demands, losses and liabilities in respect of any breaches of its obligations under this hire agreement.
  • All accidents must be reported to a member of the college staff, if available, and a written report of the incident must be submitted within 24 hours to the college office.


  • Freman College requires that individual clubs or groups using the facilities should have their own liability insurance to at least £5m. A copy of the insurance certificate must be given to the college office in advance of using the facilities. Private individuals wishing to hire the college premises may be able to purchase insurance cover through the college. Please contact the college office for further information.
  • Storage facilities cannot be provided. Any equipment left on the premises is done so entirely at the hirer’s own risk


  • Freman College does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage to or loss of any articles of personal property placed or left in any part of the college.


  • Hirers are responsible for reimbursing the college for the cost of repairing any damage to premises and/or equipment caused during or as a result of their letting.