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Revision for E year students

You are about to hit the busiest few months of your educational career and there is no doubt you will feel the pressure. The following booklet is designed to support you in the months ahead. It’s easy to find the prospect of revision overwhelming and for time spent on it to be unproductive.

Whether you’re burying your head in the sand or starting to panic already, this booklet will have something for you. It is laid out in sections to help you with the different stages of revision:

  • Essential Information on Exam entries / On the day
  • Planning a Revision Timetable
  • Equipment / Resources needed to revise
  • General Tips for Revision
  • Subject Specific Tips for Revision

The main thing to remember is there are plenty of people to help you. If you need more support ask the person in college you feel confident seeking help from. This may be your tutor, a subject teacher, a Head of House or a member of SLT. JUST ASK! We have all been through this and know that planning for it can take away a lot of the stress. This booklet is full of useful advice. Don’t file it under your bed – keep it handy for those times when you feel you need a fresh look at things.

Revision Downloads

Document Title
E year revision booklet Download
Revising for I year mocks Download
Using flash cards Download
Details of subject specific revision guides available to buy Download

Revision booklet for parents

As parents, you are all too aware of how important the next few months are and the pressures your child is under. You may feel that you are worrying more than he or she is! You may feel anxious that your child is working too hard, or you may feel your child is simply not doing enough.

Whatever stage you are at, the following booklet is designed to give you some practical tips to support your child through the next few months.

Revision Downloads for Parents

Document Title
Revision booklet for parents Download

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Ofsted, November 2015