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​Admission, Intermediate and Examination Years

Students are expected to adhere to a high standard of dress.

This applies to their journey to and from college as well as during college hours.

Item Description
Trousers Black. A smart style of plain fabric. No logos or decoration. Jeans style trousers, leggings, shorts and skirts are not permitted. Available from Price and Buckland
Polo shirt White with college logo. Available from Price & Buckland www.pbparentsonline.co.uk/freman or My Clothing www.myclothing.com/freman-college/11193.school Students may wear a plain white, short-sleeved garment under the polo shirt.
Sweatshirt Jade with college logo. Available from Price & Buckland only
Jacket or coat Plain black. Small logos are permitted (no bigger than credit card sized). Hoodies, including zip-fronted designs, are not permitted.
Shoes Plain black, polishable and formal in style. Shoes must be of a sensible and safe design. Boots, sandals, flip-flops and shoes designed for sport, such as trainers, are not acceptable. Logos are not permitted.

Link to Price & Buckland and My Clothing sites for uniform.

Price & Buckland Schoolwear Samples are available at the college office for students to try before placing your order.

My Clothing

Lost property

ALL clothing and personal belongings MUST be clearly marked with the student's name.

Named items will be returned via tutors.

Lost, un-named items will be stored in the lost property room for a limited time before disposal.

Document Title
Uniform list Download
PE kit list Download
Uniform list September 2019 Download
PE kit list September 2019 Download

Students are proud members of the college community and respond well to the high expectations set by leaders and other adults. They enjoy their life at the college and respect the adults whom they work with.

Ofsted, November 2015