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Life at Freman

Freman College is in many ways a unique institution. We believe that many of our strengths derive from the unusual character of the college.

  • Our vertical pastoral system brings students, across the age range, together twice a day and provides a ‘family unit’ for every student in the college. Older students act as mentors and role models for those younger than themselves.

  • Our House system fosters a sense of collective responsibility and provides a wealth of house activities including sport, drama and music.

  • Our status as an upper school means that we are staffed with teachers with outstanding experience in teaching their specialist subjects to GCSE and A level.

  • Our relationship with our four partner middle schools is extremely close, enabling us to ensure a smooth transition from middle school to the college.

  • Our range of extra-curricular opportunities is exceptional, offering students a remarkable number of lunchtime and after college activities as well as exciting extended educational trips.

Visitors to the college often remark on the warmth of the relationships they see both between students themselves and between staff and students. This lies at the heart of Freman. Respect for the individual underpins all that we do and as a result students and staff feel an enormous sense of loyalty and commitment to each other and to the college.

Timing of the college day

8.40 – 9.00 Registration and Assembly/Tutor time

9.00 – 10.00 Lesson 1

10.00 – 11.00 Lesson 2

11.00 – 11.20 Morning break

11.20 - 12.20 Lesson 3

12.20 - 1.20 Lesson 4

1.20 – 2.05 Lunch

2.05 - 2.15 Registration

2.15 - 3.15 Lesson 5

Students spend 33 hours in college each week.


Whole college assemblies to remain virtual in September and may move to being in the Hall longer term. House assemblies will be in person in the Hall from the outset.



Specific year group assembly


Whole School Virtual assembly / Hepworth and Moore in the Hall






Butler and Mills in the Hall


Specific year group assembly


Whole School Virtual assembly / Hepworth and Moore in the Hall






Butler and Mills in the Hall

Students move purposefully to lessons and arrive on time and ready to learn. They behave with courtesy and respect at break and lunchtimes.

Ofsted, November 2015