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Homework Procedures

At the start of the academic year students in A, I and E years received a copy of their homework timetable from their tutor.

Teachers will set appropriate homework for students in line with the prescribed timetable. There are exceptional circumstances where it is acknowledged this can’t happen or isn’t appropriate, but to support students and parents staying to the timetable is expected.

Homework is set in lessons and details are then entered onto Satchel: One which all students and parents will be provided with a login for (any issues with this please email admin@freman.org.uk).

A Year

The homework timetable is set up by teaching group. Each subject should take around 45 minutes, but this length of time is flexible because students work at different speeds. Homework does not always have to be a written piece of work; it may be reading, learning or project work and this may be spread over several sessions.

I and E Year

Homework is a vital part of the Key Stage 4 curriculum and will be integrated into schemes of work and is again set according to the college timetables. Please ensure that students have a sensible amount of time to complete the work. We acknowledge that they have other commitments outside of college and a one day turnaround is not always be possible. Homework duration should be approximately one hour, but this will depend on the individual student and the nature of the activity set.

Advice given to Parents

You are able to see what homework is being set via your Satchel: One login. It is the student's individual responsibility to complete homework to the best of their ability and to hand it in on time. You will know your own child best and know how much support they will need to do this. We ask that you monitor homework to ensure it is being completed.

Sixth Form Homework

Students in the Sixth Form are expected to work independently outside of curriculum time, with a recommendation that approximately one hour is spent on work outside of lessons for every one hour spent in a lesson. Teachers will set homework which will contribute to this time allocation (this will be recorded on Satchel:One), but students are also expected to use the remaining time to extend their progress through independent learning. For the first six weeks of the Lower Sixth year, students are required to record the independent learning they undertake in each subject, and teachers will give guidance on the types of activities that might be appropriate.

Homework club

Students who need support with homework are welcome to attend homework club at lunchtime, please see below for further information.

Useful Downloads

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A year homework timetable 2023-24 Download
I year homework timetable 2023-24 Download
E year homework timetable 2023-24 Download
Homework Club Download

Students are keen to learn and respond well to these high expectations.

Ofsted, November 2015