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We are excited to run the following events this year:

Event Date, time and place
House Music Thursday 21st October 2021, 6:00pm in the hall
House University Challenge Thursday 4th November 2021, 6:00pm in the hall
Amnesty Quiz Wednesday 19th January 2021, 6:30pm in the hall
Musicals Evening Autumn term
A level Certificates Evening Autumn term
House Drama Thursday 10th February 2022, 6:00pm
Easter Concert Thursday 31st March 2022, 6:00pm in the Arden Room
Amnesty Live Lounge Thursday 28th April 2022, 7:30pm in the hall
Art & Photography Exhibition Monday 23rd - Thursday 26th May 2022, 3.30pm - 6.00pm in the hall
Royston in Blue Sunday 26th June 2022
Intermission Play Summer term
The Event Friday 8th - Saturday 9th July 2022
Prizegiving Tuesday 12th July 2022, 7:00pm in the hall