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Positive and Healthy Relationships

Freman College takes a positive approach to teaching our students about positive and healthy relationships. This includes teaching about the following topics in an age appropriate way and according to the statutory guidance Relationships, Sex and Health Education 2020:

  • Safeguarding and how to stay safe-including online
  • Healthy and respectful relationships, including kindness, privacy, respecting boundaries
  • What respectful behaviour looks like
  • Consent
  • Gender roles, stereotyping and equality
  • Body confidence and self-esteem
  • Peer-on-peer abuse
  • Prejudiced behaviour
  • Sexual violence and sexual harassment

We also make clear to students how we ensure we put relevant policies into practice ie Relationships, Sex and Health Education Policy; Safeguarding and Child Protection; Positive Behaviour and Anti-Bullying.

Through our explicit routines and guidance, we make it clear to students what behaviour is and is not acceptable including any kind of peer on peer abuse. We regularly remind students of the importance of raising any concerns which they may have and how to access support if they need it.