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Work Experience

Students are encouraged to consider whether a week of work experience during their Lower Sixth year would help them with their future plans. For those who are not planning to go to university, this is especially important as employers will look for relevant experience when choosing between candidates for an apprenticeship or job.

Those applying for university courses in teaching, veterinary medicine or in any healthcare profession (nursing, midwifery, medicine, etc) would be expected to have completed at least two weeks’ work experience within the 18 months prior to applying. Students should speak to the Sixth Form staff if they wish to arrange work experience during term-time, to ensure that they are not missing lessons at a particularly vital time.

Freman College offer a number of opportunities for students to develop life-skills including awareness of risks to health and well-being, SMSC and preparing for the world of work.

Preparing for the world of work

Interview techniques

  • "Get Work Ready" day
    (Click on the link for further information)
  • Lower Sixth workshop with a local recruitment firm
  • Mock-interviews for university and job applications

How to write a CV

  • Lower Sixth workshop on “Selling yourself”
  • Upper Sixth CV writing workshop

Other employability skills

  • Lower Sixth workshop on how to give an effective presentation
  • Team-building activities during PSHCRE days
  • Lower Sixth workshop on setting SMART targets
  • Lower Sixth workshop on the use and pitfalls of social media
  • Lower Sixth work-shadowing day
  • Upper Sixth workshop on managing a budget
  • High levels of student involvement in National Citizen Service

Specific career advice

  • Career research workshop during Sixth Form Taster Day
  • Use of Unifrog software for career research
  • Wednesday lunchtime career speakers
  • Independent careers guidance interviews
  • Email alerts about relevant work experience and job opportunities

School-leaver opportunities

  • Information evening for students and parents in Lower Sixth
  • Email alerts about relevant job and training opportunities
  • Visits from local companies, most recently GSK, KPMG, Astra-Zeneca
  • London Careers Fair

Apprenticeship opportunities

  • Lower Sixth workshop about apprenticeships
  • Regular visits from apprenticeship providers in the area
  • Visit to National Apprenticeship Show in Milton Keynes
  • Email alerts about relevant apprenticeship opportunities
  • Meetings with Freman ex-students about apprenticeships

Managing mental health, stress and anxiety

  • Information evening for Lower Sixth and parents (identifies common pinch-points)
  • Lower Sixth workshop on recognising & reacting to stress
  • Lower Sixth workshop on sleep
  • Lower Sixth workshop on SMART revision techniques
  • Upper Sixth assembly on healthy eating
  • Dedicated school counsellor (by referral)

Social and cultural issues

  • Fundraising for Sixth Form nominated charity
  • Lower Sixth workshop on national identity and values
  • Lower Sixth workshop on how media influences our opinions
  • Upper Sixth workshop on democracy and voting
  • Upper Sixth visit to Houses of Parliament

Broader "life skills"

  • Upper Sixth workshop: cooking on a budget
  • Upper Sixth workshop: basic car maintenance
  • Upper Sixth workshop: managing personal finances
  • Upper Sixth workshop: ballroom dancing

Driver and passenger safety

  • "Learn to live" half-day workshop in Stevenage

Students value the care that is taken to provide them with a broad range of leadership roles. They proudly wear their prefect badges and enjoy the opportunities to work with students from Years 9 to 11. Students are acutely aware of their responsibilities as the oldest students in the college.

Ofsted, November 2015