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I & E year (years 10 & 11)

Key Stage 4 or GCSEs

Key Stage 4 –the I and E Year - is a critical time in every student’s life. The results they obtain at the end of this period will have a major influence on their future career opportunities.

Clearly, it is essential that we help them to put this time, which amounts to little more than five terms, to the best possible use. The support offered to students both by the college and by parents can make an enormous difference, particularly in helping them to cope with the increased workload that Key Stage 4 courses bring.

The following booklet aims to give you information about what your child will be going through over the next couple of years. It outlines the demands that will be placed on them and offers some suggestions as to how parents can help. There are also details about how the college will provide information for parents to keep them informed of your child’s progress and what the college will be doing to support and encourage students to do their best. GCSE courses have been modified several times in the last few years and for those of you with older children, these new courses contain significant changes.

Key Stage 4 can be a demanding and pressurised time for students, but it also offers them great stimulation and interest. They have a greater say in what subjects they study and they are able to study these areas in greater depth and detail.

We believe that by working together as a partnership, the college and parents can ensure that students both enjoy their Key Stage 4 studies and also achieve the very best results of which they are capable.


Document Title
2022-24 Key Stage 4 Curriculum booklet (E year) Download
2023-25 Key Stage 4 Curriculum booklet (I year) Download
E year homework timetable 2023-24 Download
I year homework timetable 2023-24 Download

The behaviour of students is outstanding. Behaviour in lessons is typified by good humour, hard work and respectful relationships.

Ofsted, November 2015