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Extra curricular music

Freman College has a thriving music department with two experienced specialists at the helm and a wealth of talented peripatetic musicians backing them up.

The College Choir

The college choir holds regular performances both in college and in the community, often partnering other school and community choirs.

Orchestra, Big Band, Wind Band, Brass Group, String Quartet, Concert Band, Flute Choir.....

Whatever you play, there's a musical group for you with many chances to perform throughout the year

Peripatetic Music Lessons

A variety of peripatetic music lessons are available at Freman College. The lessons take place during the college day, and where possible, at a different time for each student each week so that the same classroom lesson is not missed.

Lessons available include –

Guitar Violin Flute Trumpet Bass Guitar

Piano Viola Oboe Trombone Tuba

Drums Cello Clarinet French Horn Tuned percussion

Singing Double Bass Bassoon Saxophone Euphonium

The peripatetic teachers will teach 33 lessons during the academic year, lasting for either 30 minutes (£242.55/term) or 20 minutes (£161.70/term) each (prices correct at time of sending). With the exception of guitar lessons, invoices will come from Herts Music Service (HMS) and their terms and conditions are detailed on their website.

Guitar lessons (including acoustic, electric, bass or ukulele) must be paid for either half termly or termly in advance. The college office will send a School Gateway reminder to you every half term and payment should be made online through the School Gateway system.

Once guitar lessons have begun, a half term’s notice, in writing, must be given to the college in order to cease tuition.

Subsidised lessons may be available for those entitled to remission of fees through Herts Music Service (HMS). You will need to contact HMS directly regarding this and it applies to 20 minute lessons only Help with music fees (hertsmusicservice.org.uk). Please make sure that you have been awarded remission of fees before committing to lessons as you will be billed if subsidies are unavailable to you. If you do not qualify for 100% remission of fees, you will need to cover any remaining costs.

Students will need to bring in their own instruments and sheet music for the lessons (including guitars and drum sticks) with the obvious exception of pianos and drum kits.

It is the students’ responsibility to find out the time of their lesson from the notice board in the West End; notes will not be sent out to individuals.

It is expected that all students learning an instrument or voice at Freman College will participate in at least one extra-curricular music activity each week; this will have a significant impact on their progress.

How to Apply

To apply for lessons (APART FROM GUITAR) you need to request them via the Herts Music Service (HMS) website: http://www.hertsmusicservice.org.uk/registeronline

If you would like to request guitar lessons you need to register for them here:

If you have any questions please contact the college office.

The Event

Every year the college stages The Event in early July.

Any students wishing to take part should speak to the music department.