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Staff Listing

List of staff members

Senior Leadership Team

Ms H Loughran – Headteacher

Ms L Jones – Deputy Headteacher

Mr W Abell - Assistant Headteacher

Ms S Hebditch – Business Manager

Mr M New – Assistant Headteacher

Mr S Thornewill – Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Shearn - Assistant Headteacher

Pastoral Team

Mr B Green – Head of Butler

Ms S Lord – Head of Hepworth

Mrs W Malley - DSP & Safeguarding lead

Mr J Tiffen – Head of Mills

Mr A Wilson – Head of Moore

Mrs F Norton - Pastoral support & Finance Officer

Art and Photography

Mr C Moody – Head of Department

Ms S Lord

Miss T Nowlan

Mrs K Van de Zande – Technician


Ms L Clarke - Joint Head of Department

Miss L Hunter - Joint Head of Department

Child Development

Mrs N Powell - Head of Department


Dr S Aguilar – Head of Department


Mr W Hamilton - Head of Department


Mrs J Todd – Head of Department

Mrs N Powell


Miss J Platten– Head of Department

Miss E Boxer – Joint Second in Dept

Mrs R Patman - Joint Second in Dept

Mrs C Callow

Ms H Carr

Mr B Hemel

Ms L Jones

Mr N Smith

Food Preparation & Nutrition

Ms S Crosby – Head of Department

Mrs G Keating – Technician


Mr I Driscoll – Head of Department

Ms S Gauthier


Ms J Cadman – Head of Department

Mr W Abell

Mr M Hyde

Mr M New

Mr S Thornewill


Mrs C Ringhofer – Head of Department

Mrs D Davies


Mr M Trapmore – Head of Department

Mrs V Bentley

Miss V Cannon

Mr J Tiffen


Miss T Brown – Head of Department


Mrs R Bowles – Head of Department

Dr S Duxbury – Second in Dept

Dr S Cole

Mrs R Edwards

Mr A Maguire

Mrs W Malley

Mr S Singh

Mr J Vann


Miss J Stott – Head of Department

Mr M Hallas

Physical Education

Miss A Roach – Head of Department

Mrs S Lewey – Head of Girls PE

Mr R Dee - Head of Boys PE & CNat

Miss E Brown-Bolton

Mr B Green

Mr M Shearn

Mr A Wilson


Ms A Povall – Head of Department

Miss A Roach

Mrs S Lewey

Religious Studies

Mr N Loynes – Head of Department

Miss R Roberts

Resistant Materials

Mr S Malone - Head of Department

Mrs G Keating - Technician


Mr P Blow – Head of Science

Mrs S Bowman – Technician

Mrs A White – Technician


Mrs H Stenning – Joint Head of Biology

Mr P Norris - Joint Head of Biology

Mr A Devlia

Ms A Povall

Dr A Vishnivetskaya


Dr G Glasssmith– Head of Chemistry

Mr B Merison


Mr P Blow – Head of Physics

Mrs H Avery

Ms C Downie


Ms J Cadman - Head of Sociology

Mr M New

Citizenship and PSHE Coordinator

Miss R Roberts

Duke of Edinburgh Team

Dr S Aguilar - Coordinator

Ms S Crosby - Assistant Coordinator

Mr R Dee - Assistant Coordinator

Sixth Form

Mr W Abell – Assistant Head, Director of Sixth Form

Mr B Hemel – Second i/c Sixth Form Achievement

Mrs E Waite – Sixth Form Administrator

Special Needs Team

Mrs W Malley – SENCo & Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Gaffney – Assistant SENCo

Mrs M Ellis - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Gumble - Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Newman - Teaching Assistant

Miss L Norris - Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Pettingale – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Pledger - Teaching Assistant

Ms S Talmadge - Teaching Assistant

Administrative Team

Miss C Jones – Office & Data Manager

Mrs L Ricketts – Senior Administrative Assistant

Mrs D James – Administrative Assistant

Mrs W Nancarrow – Administrative Assistant

Business & Finance Team

Ms S Hebditch – Business Manager

Mrs F Norton – Finance Officer

Mrs L Jones – Finance Assistant


Mrs J Piper - Examinations Officer

Mrs Z Hay - Assistant Examinations Officer

Lesson Cover & General Support

Mr H Legg

Mrs P Phipps


Miss L Chapman – Library & Study Supervisor

Network Team

Mr M Grimley – Network Manager

Mr K Butters – Network Assistant

Site Team

Mr P Dyson – Site Manager

Mrs J Danagher - Caretaker

Mr M Day - Caretaker

Mr R Waller – Maintenance Assistant


Mrs H Nash - Catering Manager

Mrs C Brockhouse - Assistant Catering Manager

Mrs J de Feo

Mrs C Monk

The highly respected headteacher ably supported by her senior leaders, has created a distinctive ethos in which each member of the college community is valued and has the opportunity to flourish.

Ofsted, November 2015