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Register of pecuniary (financial) interests

Declaration of Interest

The Academies Financial Handbook issued by the DfE sets out the standards for financial administration in academies. Part of the handbook makes reference to the academy board and staff having a register of pecuniary interests.

Governors and staff should declare any links they have with firms from which the college may wish to buy goods or services. It is important for anyone involved in spending public money to demonstrate that they do not benefit personally from decisions that they make.

A governor or member of staff who is in a position to influence a decision, and/or with pecuniary interest in any contract with Freman College, must declare that interest in writing. This will be recorded in a register of pecuniary interests.

Duty to Declare

Anyone who attends a Governors’ meeting must declare a pecuniary interest: direct or indirect. This relates to any contract, proposed contract or other matter that is being considered. The person must disclose the fact as soon as is practical at the meeting and take no part in the consideration or discussion of the contract or matter concerned. The person must withdraw from the meeting during consideration or discussion. In addition, the person cannot vote on any question with respect to the contract or matter.

Pecuniary Interests

In considering whether you have an interest, you should ask yourself whether a member of public, knowing the facts of the situation, could reasonably think that a relationship or interest you have, might conflict with the interests of the college. The list below is not exhaustive. There may be other circumstances not listed below where you do need to declare an interest. If in doubt, please speak to the Business Manager in the first instance

Think about the following questions:

  • Are you related to a county or district councillor or someone who works for the Department for education or the Education Funding Agency?
  • Are you related to or friends with anyone who tenders for work from the college?
  • Are you a member of a parish, town or community council? Are you related to a member?
  • Are you a school/academy governor or related to a school/academy governor?
  • Are you a partner, company secretary or non-executive chairman of a company which does business with Freman College?
  • Are you employed by a body which carries out work for the college, or were you recently so employed, or are you related to someone who is so employed?
  • Do you do part-time or occasional work for a company which undertakes work for the college or which competes with the college for work?
  • Are you undertaking any business ventures in your own time that could conflict with the college’s interests?

The Register

The Business Manager holds the register and updates it annually. Governors’ interests are disclosed on the college website.

Document Title
Governors' Declarations of Business Interests

Governors' Declaration of Business Interests - basic info

Name Nature of interest Value of contracts 2022/23
Dr S Aguilar Exam scrutineer at WJEC None
Mrs S Angus None None
Mr G Bonner Member of Buntingford Town Council None
Mrs C Claydon Governor at Aston St Mary's CofE Primary School None
Mrs S Coote Director and Company Secretary - St Francis Park Management Co Ltd; Member of Buntingford Town Council None
Mr M Grimley None None
Mr J Leigh None None
Ms H Loughran Husband is Headteacher at The Chauncy School, Ware None
Mrs J Martin None None
Mr M Nicholas None None
Mr D Paull-Wills None None
Mrs G Perkins None None
Dr A Vishnivetskaya Examiner for Edexcel (Pearson) None
Mr P Wilson None None

Leaders, including governors, have high ambitions for the college. They are restless to improve and have overseen significant developments in the quality of education since the last inspection.

Ofsted, November 2015