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Extra curricular

There is an extensive timetable of extra-curricular sport available for all year groups at the college.

In addition, the college plays friendly matches against a diverse range of local schools and enters regional, district and national competitions for a range of sports from rugby (boys and girls) to netball, from football (boys and girls) to rowing.

The fitness suite in the sports hall is also open to students from I year up, who have completed their induction, every lunchtime and after college.

The timetable below may be subject to some change depending on fixtures.

PE Extra-curricular activities Spring Term 2017

Day Lunch time - 1.35 - 2.15pm After college 3.30 - 4.45pm
Monday Indoor cricket - All years - sports hall (RGD/BG) Girls' rugby - All years - Sports hall / field (RGD)
Monday AS / A2 Revision - Wimbledon - (AR)
Tuesday Boys' Basketball - All years - Sports hall (MJS) A year boys' rugby - field (BG)
Tuesday Trampolining - All years - Gym (JSP/SLL) Senior boys' rugby - field (RGD)
Wednesday A year boys Football - field (APW)
Wednesday Boccia - All years - Gym (LDF)
Wednesday Badminton - All years - Sports hall (AR)
Thursday I year boys' football - field - RGD Girls' football - All years - MUGA (JSP)
Thursday GCSE intervention - Twickenham (all staff) Netball - All years - Sports hall (SLL)
Thursday AS / A2 revision - Wimbledon (AR) Girls' cricket - All years - Gym (Coach)
Friday Futsal - All years - Sports hall (LDF)