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A HUGE well done to our GCSE students!

Posted: August 22, 2019

A huge well done to all our students who received their GCSE results today. They have done brilliantly and should feel so proud of their achievements.

It is great to see that all their hard work (and that of their parents and their teachers!) has paid off so well. We are delighted that record numbers of them are staying on in the Sixth Form this year and we also have students heading off to follow a wide range of courses at local colleges. We know they will do us proud and be great ambassadors for Freman.

A special well done to the following students who all achieved an amazing 8 or more GCSEs at the top grades of 8 and 9 (equivalent to A / A* in old GCSE grades):

Gracie Allen: Three 9s, six 8s

Cameron Appleby: One 9, seven 8s

Ellen Appleby: Six 9s, four 8s

Callum Ayer: Three 9s, five 8s

Lucas Blackwell: Two 9s, seven 8s

Emma Briffett: Four 9s, Four 8s

Natalie Cook: Four 9s, four 8s

Heidi Emes: Four 9s, five 8s

Amy Gilbride: Seven 9s, three 8s

Alex Godber: Two 9s, six 8s

Will Hamblin: Five 9s, four 8s

Juliana Harrison: Two 9s, seven 8s

Harry Hatton: Seven 9s, two 7s

Becca Jones: Two 9s, six 8s

Christy Jose: Eight 9s, one 8

Charlotte Oakley Deville: Seven 9s, three 8s

Kathryn Wilson: Six 9s, four 8s


Kathryn Wilson


Emma Briffett


Ellen Appleby and her mum


Cameron Appleby, Bindiya Patel and Ella Keep-Parker


Nathan Lynch and Darcy McDonnell


Oliver Ashworth


Will Littleford and his mum